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New trend of e-commerce operation in 2022

DZShop E-commerce platform new rends of e-commerce report

London, United Kingdom, 11th Aug 2022 –  2020 has brought new opportunities for e-commerce. The arrival of the epidemic has caused many cities to adopt lockdown measures, and residents who stay at home are more inclined to choose online shopping and consumption. The development of the e-commerce model has reached its peak, and cross-border e-commerce has also ushered in a breakthrough. However, with the weakening of the impact of the epidemic in 2021, the operation of cross-border e-commerce has gradually become dull. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

At this time, the blocking of the Amazon platform will undoubtedly make the industry even worse. Difficult cross-border e-commerce living environment prompts merchants to innovate and transform. In 2022, the cross-border e-commerce operation model has started to gradually change to a new trend.

So in such a hard environment in 2022, how can merchants grasp new trends, stand out in fierce competition, and seize the opportunity to usher in a new turning point? This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of the new trends in cross-border e-commerce. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

1. Build an independent website to guide private domain traffic

You may not know the meaning of an independent website very well. An independent website can be a brand-independent website created with the help of the platform server, an independent window specially corresponding to the brand, or a website established by the merchant itself. There are many benefits to establishing your independent website. Not only can you design a personalized website that conforms to your own brand culture, you can build your brand in depth and convey your brand culture, but you can also guide exclusive traffic, thereby attracting exclusive customer groups interested in brand culture, and further maintaining and consolidating loyal customers.

If you continue to rely on the platform, you will continue to be restricted by the platform’s rules, and changes in the platform’s policies are likely to bring fatal blows. Amazon’s collective block has sounded the alarm for many cross-border e-commerce merchants. The survey data found that 26% of foreign trade enterprises have established independent websites. The era of traffic centralization has passed, and now you can try to develop an independent brand website through the Saas platform, deepen and expand the brand value, not be at the mercy of the platform algorithm, and control the traffic and data in your own hands. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

2. Create an immersive experience with the help of Metaverse.

Metaverse refers to the virtual living space linked and created by means of technology. It sounds complicated, but it is actually very easy to understand when applied to e-commerce sales. Its essence is to allow consumers to experience an immersive offline shopping experience while shopping online. By creating a virtual space, it can show consumers the full picture and performance of the product in all directions and angles, and simulate the real scene to better meet the demand of consumers.

For example, when selling kitchen supplies, a virtual kitchen can be created, and when consumers choose, they can simulate the placement of these products in the kitchen in real time. For another example, when selling bedroom supplies, a virtual bedroom can be created, allowing consumers to match and feel by themselves, thereby deepening the consumer experience. Clothing company Zeekit has created a virtual fitting room for consumers. When consumers choose clothes online, they can simulate the physical effect of wearing them. The return rate of the store has been significantly reduced. This is a case of foreign e-commerce, and the application of Metaverse still has huge potential in China’s cross-border e-commerce. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

For domestic e-commerce, Metaverse not only promotes the increase in sales in the digital industry, but also promotes virtual scene simulation equipment such as VR glasses and VR helmets to become new products for new people. At the same time, combining these products to create a new mode of e-commerce operation has also played a role in promoting the future development of e-commerce. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

Although the Metaverse operation model has become a new outlet, the initial investment in this model is quite large, and returns may not be foreseen in the short term. Therefore, if merchants want to try this new operation model, they can choose the completed Metaverse service providers. Horizon Worlds launched by Meta is a new portal that merchants can use.

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