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With 250,000 Mooc courses and 6000 Executive Education Programs, Mitzon is revolutionizing online learning

Gurgaon, Haryana, India — Mitzon Learning is a powerful, AI driven platform to find the best course to learn anything, ensuring professional and personal development.

Even today, the Mooc courses have a meagre completion rate. There is a strong need to provide assisted learning around those courses to improve the completion rate. The billion-dollar story here is that, currently, there is also a missing globally recognised massive aggregator for learning resources, instructors, and course providers. There is a huge opportunity to build a global brand to help learners choose the right course & provide assisted learning in completing the same. This is the space Mitzon is set to capture.  

Mitzon Learning will soon become one of the largest global marketplaces to connect learners with advisors, tutors, boot camps, and headhunters. Mitzon Learning has recently aggregated over 250,000 free and paid short courses from thousands of top course providers like Udemy, Coursera, edX, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning, and many more. It also offers access to over 6,000 executive education programs by renowned global universities. Their growth story will be backed by a solid AI-driven chatbot, allowing learners to find suitable courses on their website. 

Some of the key features of the Mitzon that add to the excitement surrounding this learning platform include:

  • Potential to become a platform like Trip Advisor for Courses, filling a massive gap in the online space on a global level.
  • Personalised search engine for learning 
  • 100% discount coupons, updated every day
  • Large Scale Massive Chat bot to navigate through millions of courses, which has never been done before. This chat bot can become a sales agent for promoting the right course based on learner needs. 
  • Assisted Learning solves the core problem of online course providers struggling to improve engagement.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson for Mitzon Learning shared the vision of Mitzon 

“ Future of search is moving from traditional to conversation-based search, from Click Based to Lead based to performance based marketing, and that is why we are building an AI Chat Bot. Our AI-Based Custom Chatbot is built on the Lex Platform to help users choose from millions of courses.  An initial navigational chatbot can be experimented with on their portal to provide a better and more accurate search experience. We are also working towards making Mitzon a global performance-based marketing partner for ed tech companies and individual instructors.”

Even today, the Mooc courses have a very low completion rate. The billion-dollar story here is that, currently, there is a missing globally recognized massive aggregator for learning resources, instructors, and course providers. There is a huge opportunity to build a brand to help users choose the right course.  This is the space Mitzon is set to capture. 

“Mitzon has been building a strong technology platform and is aiming to be the TripAdvisor for courses and individual instructors. It works on a similar business model and, a few years down the line, is preparing to be a global marketing partner for top course providers and individual instructors. ” the spokesperson said.

By creating a marketplace to connect learners with instructors to provide assisted learning around those online courses, Mitzon is set to capture that opportunity to become one of the biggest global marketplaces for curated educational courses. Their growth story is going to be backed by a strong AI-driven chatbot, which will allow learners to find the right courses right on their website. 

One of the key USPs of the Mitzon Learning platform is the generous assistance they provide to learners who don’t have the budget to purchase different online courses regularly. Mitzon gives them access to these paid courses by offering 100% new discount coupons daily, provided by popular platforms like Udemy and other course providers. The platform also connects learners with the right instructor if they need any further assistance.

Currently, Mitzon is expanding the team and looking for a co-founder who can help build a successful business by driving organic traffic. 

Explore all courses available on Mitzon Learning.

Explore all Executive Education Courses 

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About Mitzon Learning:

Mitzon is a global performance-based marketing partner for ed-tech companies and individual instructors. Starting in 2021, Mitzon Learning has emerged as one of the best personalised search engines to learn anything and get access to 100% discount coupons on paid courses every day. 

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